SlatTrax is a ground protection system for skid loaders that rolls out or retrieves up to a 100-foot temporary roadway in about 2 minutes. It shields the ground and turf from heavy equipment. Use it at construction and public works sites, in parks and other locations.

The device includes a hydraulically powered attachment that holds dual spools of Trax ground protectors. Each assembly is 36- or 42 inches wide and up to 100 feet in length. Break-point sections in Trax units allow for manual maneuvering. The Trax units are linked together with PVC-impregnated strapping.

The product will increase the productivity of work crews and provides a professional alternative to plywood and mats, according to the company. The firm estimates that its system takes 95 percent less time to set up and take down than plywood or mats.

The system can be used on hills, curves, turf and hard cover. An optional trailer holds a complete SlatTrax system with two 100-foot spools. The product is made in the USA.

Some benefits of the product:

--Gives construction sites and other locations where it is used a clean, professional appearance,

--It is a better, less-costly option than repairing/replacing turf,

--The system helps avoid Injuries to construction crews and others at the site, and

--The system offers savings in storage, replacement and disposal

In the video, see how SlatTrax protects the ground from heavy equipment.


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