PB Loader’s redesigned B10 pothole patcher has more capacity for increased productivity. The machine allows road crews and contractors to remain on the job for longer periods performing pothole-patching operations. Use the equipment to get more potholes filled. It has a 10-cubic-yard heavy-duty material container with heater. The container is double-wall constructed.

According to Jason Thompson, president at PB, the company expects demand for the B10 patcher to be strong. “Many of our customers need a heavy-duty pothole patcher built to offer non-stop operation,” Thompson says. “Municipalities of all sizes have a lot of potholes to fix and a lot of ground to cover. They need a machine that lets patching crews work all day long with less trips for payload refills.”

The B10 is a fully equipped patcher that can be mounted on either a Conventional or Tilt Cab 60,000-pound (GVW) chassis. It includes a variety features that simplify pothole-patching operations. The unit comes with a propane-fueled, radiant heater that maintains asphalt temperature. The heater is rated at 67,000 BTUs and is thermostat-controlled from 100 to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. For safety, the burner is fully enclosed, located at the front of the container box, away from the operator control area at the rear of the machine.

The patcher is built to last. The unit’s container is constructed with 10-gauge hot-rolled steel interior sides and 10- gauge steel exterior walls with a 1/4-inch hot-rolled steel floor. Container top loading doors are 2-inch double wall construction and open to form a V-shaped inside surface that funnels material into the container for an evenly distributed load. Two hydraulically operated “material unload” doors are located at the rear of the unit along with all operator controls. The container is raised and lowered by an underbody twin arm, double acting hoist with NTEA rating of Class 90, 26-ton capacity.

The unit is equipped with a complete emulsion spray system for tack coating. The system’s compartment tank actually includes two tanks – a 130-gallon emulsion tank and a 20-gallon solvent tank. Operators can easily switch from emulsion to solvent with a convenient single lever valve. An Auxiliary Electric Heat system provides 110-volts AC heat for overnight heating. A temperature sensor controls the system, and all heating elements are low-density stainless steel. The hydraulically driven emulsion pump can output 10 gallons per minute. A hand torch with 20 feet of hose is also supplied. The torch delivers 200,000 BTUs.


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