The success of our chapter has been greatly due to following our mission statement:

  • To promote ethical, efficient and cost-effective public purchasing policies and practices;

  • To provide educational programs, products and services for public purchasing personnel;

  • To enable public purchasing personnel to exchange useful information about policies, practices, procedures, products and services of common interest;

  • To otherwise facilitate the conduct of purchasing activities by government and other public agencies;

  • To assist other charitable and educational organizations in the conduct of similar activities; and

  • To engage in any and all lawful activities to accomplish the foregoing purposes, except as restricted herein.

We are fortunate to have the full support of our agencies, which allows us to contribute the time and effort needed to make our chapter successful. Having this support almost across the board enables us to spread out duties and have a larger pool of volunteers.

Many chapters have only a few members that volunteer. We don't have that problem. Almost everyone is willing to step up when called upon to contribute.

All of our members are treated equally; supervisors serve on committees with their subordinates.

Success is shared by all, not just a few. This year we held our first reverse trade show, and in four hours were able to raise nearly $15,000. There were five people on the committee, but all of our agencies were represented at the show in some fashion and we all will share in that success and reap the rewards in the form of scholarships next year.

We use surveys to poll the membership as well as the other chapters in the state to coordinate educational opportunities for all. We meet monthly and provide educational opportunities at seven of these meetings so that members can obtain recertification hours by attending.

Communication is a must!
Cherie Odeski, CPPB,
Copper Chapter of NIGP,
Tucson, Ariz.