TASER has launched the Axon Signal Sidearm. It is a wireless holster sensor that integrates with body-worn cameras. The sensor alerts Axon body cameras when a firearm is removed from an officer's holster. The unit expands on the company's Axon Signal technology, which also works with TASER Smart Weapons and police cruisers. The system will enable officers to be thoroughly covered by the Axon network in the line of duty. The Signal Sidearm will be available for purchase in Q3 2017. The photo to the right shows how the sensor system attaches to the sidearm.

Product Details:

--    The Signal Sidearm attaches to an officer's existing firearm holster without interfering with normal operation.
--   The device is wireless and does not risk cables and wires getting in the way of officers when on duty.
--   The Signal Sidearm is compatible with most existing firearm holsters.
--    The coin cell battery that operates the device lasts approximately 1.5 years and automatically alerts the user via the Axon network if the battery is low.

--    Once a firearm is drawn, the sensor is triggered and alerts all Axon cameras within a 30-foot range to begin recording. The signal communicates with the full line of Axon cameras including Axon Body 2, Axon Flex 2, and Axon Fleet in-car cameras.

“When law enforcement officers must draw a weapon, the last thing they should worry about is their technology,” said TASER CEO and co-founder, Rick Smith. “The Signal Sidearm will give officers the same confidence in their technology that already exists in encounters involving Smart Weapons that use our Signal technology. It's an important step in extending the reach of the Axon network to connect other devices.”

Customers can receive early access to Signal Sidearm by visiting this website.


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