Severe Weather Preparedness Weeks are coming up soon across various states. Severe weather conditions mean lost power – and lost power means portable generators plugged in at homes, businesses, government facilities, construction sites, campgrounds, etc.

The labels on portable generators warn users of safety hazards if used indoors (CO poisoning) or in wet weather (electrocution risk).  A recent Consumer Products Safety Commission statement reports "inherent conflict to avoid CO poisoning and electrocution hazards” can be avoided using rain-tight enclosures.

GenTent Safety Canopies can ensure safe conditions during storms. They are portable, rain-tight generator tents for safe operations during severe weather conditions. The product keeps portable generators safely operating during storms and in virtually any wet weather conditions.

The canopies handle 70 mph winds, 18 inches of snow load and rain in excess of 12 inches per day while preserving the portable generator’s natural cooling and fresh air intake, according to the company. The units have protected households and businesses in the hardest hit areas of Superstorm Sandy and every major U.S. storm since.

The canopies:

--    Protect end-users from CO poisoning, electrocution – and protect expensive generators.
--    Help keep generator electrical outlets dry during wet weather, from any angle, including blizzard and hurricane force precipitation.
--    Keep portable generator portable, easily movable— with easy access for refueling.
--    Keep generators cool naturally - unlike generator doghouses or other full canvas enclosures, cooling air is not blocked.
--    Fit over 1,000 generator makes/models to guarantee a perfect fit for any portable generator.
--    The units are more convenient than stationary steel generator enclosures, retrofit plastic sheds or DIY doghouses.
--    GenTent Installation is a simple 3-step operation--Clamp it, Frame it and Cover it

The company offers a handy guide: Top 10 Portable Generator Safety Tips

In the video, learn about portable generator safety.


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