The Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), which conducts 8 million transactions a year, faces the same challenges as most DMVs across the country—long lines, congested lobbies and unhappy patrons. In the month of June alone, there was an average of 1,437 customers per day, waiting for more than 68 minutes each at the Nevada DMVs.

The Nevada DMV has tested several different systems to alleviate long lines, including on-site kiosks. To complement the already-installed kiosks, the Nevada DMV deployed QLess Dash Pass, with the goal of improving the typical DMV experience. The system manages multiple functions such as vehicle registration, driver’s licenses, identification cards and driver histories.  

QLess, a virtual wait management system, allows Nevada residents to check-in into the DMV line on site at a touchscreen kiosk, or remotely through their mobile device or online. QLess sends patrons updates via text or voice messaging, informing them of their remaining wait time and also allowing them to push back their place in line if they need more time. This technology gives customers the opportunity to wait at home or at a preferred location.

“QLess Dash Pass changes the whole dynamic of waiting in line at the DMV,” says David Fierro, chief public information officer at Nevada DMV. “Our patrons can now check in from anywhere and use their time as they see fit.”

The department first launched the system successfully at its Reno facility in March 2014. The Nevada DMV decided to expand the use of QLess Dash Pass to all DMV locations in Las Vegas. At the offices equipped with QLess Dash Pass, television monitors and a public address system announce the last four digits of the customer’s phone number and the window where they will be served.

For more information on QLess, click here.


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