For the Greater Dayton (Ohio) Regional Transit Authority, its Rotary Lift MOD35 modular heavy-duty inground lift provides more than just adequate lifting capacity and ease of use. The unit’s EnviroGuard-coated steel enclosure limits corrosion while also keeping oil and shop fluids from entering the ground.

“We wanted something that would protect the environment. Being self-contained, the Rotary Lift MOD Series gives you the protection you need,” says Tom Hodge, Greater Dayton RTA manager of fleet maintenance. “Everything about that lift is very earth-friendly, worker-friendly, user-friendly, and I would highly recommend it.”

The MOD35 lift (in photo below) builds on the performance of Rotary Lift’s MOD30 unit. The transit agency recently installed two MOD35 lifts to complement its existing six MOD30 lifts. All of the MOD Series lifts feature the manufacturer’s EnviroGuard treatment. The treatment seals the inside and outside of the lifts’ underground containment units, which are warranted against corrosion and electrolysis for 10 years.

The Greater Dayton RTA staff says that the MOD35’s pendant-only control is simple to use. This custom remote control comes standard with every MOD35 lift instead of a floor console. The pendant makes it easy for technicians to operate the lift from anywhere in the bay.

Victor D. Hall, utility specialist for the Dayton transit agency, says the pendant makes spotting buses “a breeze.” “I can actually just take the pendant right to the side of the bus, lean down, and control the lift while I’m looking at it,” he says. “It will retract back to the smallest piece of equipment out to the largest piece of equipment with no problem. You just hold the joystick and away it goes.”

Celebrating 90 years in 2015, Rotary Lift was founded in 1925 by the inventor of the first automotive hydraulic lift. The firm offers a line of lifts for use in professional automotive service, commercial truck and transit applications.

To see more of what the Greater Dayton RTA team has to say about its Rotary Lift MOD Series lifts, watch the video Or visit their website.


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