Webb County, Texas, is partnering with Enterprise Fleet Management to reduce costs and optimize its local fleet of nearly 500 light-duty vehicles. Once implemented, the new partnership is expected to save the county an average of more than $170,000 each year.

“Webb County has a large and aging fleet spread out across our service area, which can be a real challenge to manage efficiently,” says John Galo, Webb County Commissioner, Precinct 3. “Partnering with Enterprise Fleet Management will let us realize significant cost savings and provide us more dependable vehicles to do work for our residents.”

According to Larry Sanchez, the county’s public information officer, the county’s Road and Bridge Department has seen its fleet upgraded. “The program will help cut down our maintenance costs. A lot of our vehicles had over 100,000 miles on them, and the county got plenty of use out of that equipment. The county’s Facilities and Building Maintenance Department is also getting new vehicles through the program.”

Historically, the county’s approach to fleet management had been decentralized, with each individual department controlling and managing its own fleet. The county will now receive a centralized approach to maintenance reporting that will provide insight into schedules, records and expenses. When the program is fully operational, the company will be providing vehicle registration and reporting metrics to ensure proper fleet optimization.

Once the vehicles have reached the optimum point in their lifecycle, the company will auction and resell the vehicles for the county.

Previously, more than 200 of the county’s vehicles were 11 years old or older, or had logged more than 129,000 miles. The county is a member of The Interlocal Purchasing System.

Learn more about Enterprise Fleet Management here.