An increasing caseload and stagnant staff levels were causing major problems for the municipal court in Garland, Texas. These issues drove Garland officials to transform their court processes, ultimately going completely paperless.

City officials used OnBase, an enterprise information platform from Hyland Software, to convert to digital. Using the platform, the city has gone to a completely paperless court case management system. 

Prior to implementing OnBase, city employees experienced issues managing paper processes. As an inevitable result of simply moving paper from person to person, documents turned up missing, misfiled, or even absent from courtroom proceedings. At times, constituents wouldn’t receive the necessary notifications from the court. City officials knew they needed to remove paper from the equation.

“What OnBase has allowed us to do is totally automate that process,” says Steven Niekamp, CIO for Garland. “Court personnel have no paper files anymore, everything is electronic. It’s really been a transformative process in the court.”

Although it is a single platform, OnBase has multiple functions. It offers enterprise content management, case management, business process management and records management capabilities.

“The primary reason we sought a case management solution was to create efficiencies in the municipal court case management process,” says Niekamp. “By adopting a digital process that eliminated paper, we are able to provide enhanced process visibility to management and deliver the best possible service to court patrons.”

Using Onbase’s case management capabilities, court employees at Garland receive instant and secure access to court documents. All documentation is connected, streamlining processes and giving staff instant access to information. Niekamp adds: “By connecting information electronically and sending it directly to the judges, attorneys and constituents that need it, we’re better able to deliver justice to our community.”

Today, courtrooms in Garland are completely paperless. This includes everything from record requests to arraignments and warrants to the judges’ final sign-off on court documents. Without having to add any staff, the city improved its business processes and is more quickly and efficiently serving its constituents and stakeholders.

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