The Doosan Model DX225LC helped in the installation of the storm sewer portion of a major Des Moines, Iowa, infrastructure improvement effort. The recently completed Court Avenue and Water Street Sewer Separation Project addressed the inadequacies of the city’s existing sewer system. The project included the construction of a storm sewer and a stormwater pump station to address flooding concerns. The price tag of the project was nearly $10 million.

“In the downtown business district, there are storm sewer systems, sanitary sewer systems and combined sewer systems,” says Dave Kamp, an engineer with the city who was instrumental in the design of the project.

“During large rain events, the combined sewers become very full very quickly and usually become pressurized. These can cause backups to properties which have their sanitary sewers connected to the storm sewers.” Kamp says that the project plan specified separating the storm flow from the sanitary sewage flow.

Kamp adds that the excavating crew relied on the Doosan DX225LC to complete the trenching and installation of the 66- and 54-inch reinforced concrete pressure pipe (RCPP) sewer. The excavator features high-pressure common-rail fuel injection and four valves per cylinder that deliver increased torque and efficient fuel consumption. High-capacity pumps on the unit improve productivity, while the swing drive provides rapid cycles. The pipe-laying process relied on an open-cut method as a cost-saving measure.

The excavator’s EPOS (Electronic Power Optimizing System) provides control, precision and information. Operators can choose from Standard Mode for optimized fuel consumption and general working conditions, Power Mode for faster cycle times and heavy-duty work requirements, or Economy Mode for reduced fuel consumption in reduced demand applications.

For more information, visit Doosan Infracore's website.


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