Cape Coral, Fla., has 32 sites connected to a centralized core that is comprised of three data centers in a campus design. The data centers are located in the police department headquarters, city hall, and the emergency operations center.

The data centers are the nuclei of the city’s business operations. A failure in any part of these data centers would have a major business impact if the backup process failed. However, having three data centers allows for redundancy as systems and applications are shared and mirrored between the sites.

Several years ago, city officials decided to install a power protection system for the data center located in the city’s emergency operations center. The system would also host all the CORE systems that run applications for the city.
Fidel Deforte, Cape Coral’s network and telecommunications manager, selected the APC by Schneider Electric InfraStruxure solution to provide this power protection. The APC offering met the city’s criteria for reasonable cost, modularity, and ease of installation. The system was implemented in November 2010.

“It would be very serious if our applications or systems were to fail. Downtime could be catastrophic after four hours or more (depending on the application), resulting in negative public opinion and loss of support for IT budgets, as well as loss of applications leading to the halt of all city business,” says Deforte, “Since we also support Public Safety, there could be a ripple effect due to ‘loss of life’ situations if our applications were to fail or be offline due to loss of system power.”

The system’s modular design fits well with the other equipment cabinets in the data center, says Cape Coral’s network manager. He says that the system’s modularity provides flexibility with city power needs.

“The system has extended the working life of the servers,” Deforte adds.

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