The direct and indirect expenses of purchasing and operating a single vehicle can be difficult to manage. Compounding that effort across an entire fleet of vehicles can be unwieldy and inefficient without a program to track and monitor vehicles – day-to-day and throughout their entire lifecycle.

Tioga County, Pa., recently took action to address the challenges associated with operating its fleet of more than 70 vehicles spread across multiple locations. In September 2015, the county hired Enterprise Fleet Management to help it achieve a safer, more reliable and more efficient fleet, while cutting overhead costs.

Prior to partnering with Enterprise, Tioga County’s fleet operations were decentralized, with individual departments responsible for managing their own fleets. Maintenance was often not timely, and more than half of the vehicles were more than 11 years old or had more than 100,000 miles on their odometers. Older vehicles tend to have more frequent and more costly maintenance issues – some of which could result in accidents.

Enterprise centralized the management of the fleet and created a platform to track the maintenance of vehicles so that service reminders could be issued to departments. The company also replaced the older vehicles and implemented a plan to cycle the leased vehicles after four years.

The county estimates that its fleet partnership has the potential to save it approximately $230,000 over the next 10 years.

“Tioga County now experiences the benefits of a fleet that is newer, properly maintained and more fuel efficient,” says Marc Rice, Director of Risk Management for the county. “Since we use our vehicles to serve the needs of the entire community, our partnership with Enterprise Fleet Management is really an investment in the people of Tioga County.”

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