Managers in Franklin, a small town in upstate New York near the Adirondack Mountains, were seeking a more efficient way to manage the town’s employee time and attendance records for processing payroll. Managers wanted a setup that would be convenient and that could manage records for payroll expeditiously.  

Supervisor Art Willman and Secretary Melissa Begor had been manually calculating time and attendance records using paper time cards, which caused errors and inefficiencies. The process also required the physical presence of a staffer at the office to access the records when it came time to process payroll. The old setup was inconvenient and inefficient, especially on payroll processing day.

The town found Lathem’s cloud-based PayClock Online system offered reliability, convenience and time savings, and switched in April 2014. Instead of using its old mechanical punch card time clock, the town now uses Lathem’s cloud-based system with an integrated proximity badge time clock.  

Melissa Begor can now work from a remote location on the days she processes payroll, without having to head to town hall. With the cloud, all information is updated in real-time. Regardless of how or when she accesses the information or processes payroll, the information is always up-to-date.

“Being able to access the information from wherever I am is a huge plus,” says Begor. “If I get a question from the superintendent, I can log on immediately, and I don’t have to go over to town hall. It’s all about the convenience of accessing employee time and attendance information remotely.”

Willman agrees. “The biggest benefit is that PayClock Online keeps an accurate record of time entries,” he says. “It’s more consistent, and errors are reduced. The system is a great fit for any small- to medium-sized town.”

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