An image and video management platform has decreased the time needed for an Arizona task force to complete investigations.

The Arizona Internet Crimes Against Children (AZICAC) Task Force, a subsidiary of the Phoenix Police Department’s Internet Crimes Against Children unit, finds abused children by identifying offenders primarily through images posted on the Internet and stored on computers.

AZICAC has used technology that helped investigators interact with evidence for years. What it needed was a database to store image evidence and sort it efficiently.

Griffeye’s Analyze solution (formerly NetClean Analyze) helped AZICAC solve that issue, according to the company.

Analyze has two components. Analyze Collaboration Server (Analyze CS) connects officers working on similar case material while allowing them to audit new evidence before it’s entered into the server. Once entered, the data is efficiently processed.

Analyze Digital Investigator (Analyze DI) simplifies investigations involving digital media, allowing officers to manage the media effectively. It allows for image and video fingerprinting, image and video analysis, and the ability to extract Exchangeable Image Format data.

Analyze DI platform also scans images for GPS data and pins them to their origin, while another component can reverse-geocode the media to find the media’s related address, while pinpointing that to a map.

“For more than 15 years, we’ve been using the same approach to solve our cases,” says Sergeant Jerry Barker, task force commander for AZICAC. “It was time to find a better, newer way to handle our cases.”

As a result, AZICAC investigators have decreased their workloads between 70 and 80 percent. While processing 980,000 images used to take months when done manually, investigators can now process that amount in two days. This helps them present more evidence in court.

“We needed a paradigm shift,” Barker says.

According to the company, Barker plans to require all AZICAC affiliates to use Griffeye Analyze in order to find more missing children in more efficient ways.

The latest version of Analyze, version 16.1, includes an open API that allows the implementation of outside tools and passage of data between them and the Analyze platform.

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