Police officers are known to work 10 hours or more on a given shift. Their two-way radios are the lifeline that allows them to call for backup, possibly saving their lives as well as the lives of civilians.

As one of the oldest police departments in the country, the Fall River, Mass., Police Department understands what it takes to maintain safety. Communication is crucial, which means a dead radio battery is not acceptable. The department turned to Braintree, Mass.-based Impact Power Technologies (IPT) to meet their radio battery needs.

IPT designs and manufactures long-lasting portable batteries. The firm’s lithium polymer (LiP) technology guarantees power 20 to 40+ hours per charge — up to five times longer than OEM batteries, according to the company.

“The Fall River Police Department has been using the IPT 9858 LiP battery in the field for over a year,” says Chief Daniel S. Racine. “Clearly, and without reservation and hesitation, we tout this product as the absolute best battery on the market.” The chief says his department’s officers and detectives feel safe and have more confidence in their field communications using the IMPACT product.

Additionally, IPT Lifesaver Series batteries are lightweight, and, according to the company, they have recharge cycles and lifespans up to 3 times longer than OEM parts.

“Hands down superior in every way over all other products,” says Chief Racine, “and a must-have for any public safety or emergency service agency.”

IPT has partnered with SecureWatch24 (SW24), an electronic and physical security services company. IPT’s batteries will now be available for purchase on three of SW24’s government purchasing contracts — NCPA, HIRE, and OGS. Through the contracts, local police departments like Fall River’s will now have an efficient way to equip their radios with the power they need to communicate with dispatchers and other officers.

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