Clemson Area Transit (CAT) in Clemson, S.C., uses the TransLoc transportation technology platform to give riders access to important real time information about their rides. The program is designed to help agencies create a continuing cycle of better service, improved ridership and deeper relationships with customers. The transportation organization installed the technology in Aug. 2015.

“Our transit agency is constantly dealing with the dual challenges of meeting high rider expectations and keeping cost down,” Clemson Area Transit CEO Al Babinicz says. “Since implementing the system, CAT has experienced a 3 percent increase in ridership during the past six months, and we are better able serve our riders with safe, friendly and reliable public transportation.”

Babinicz says the software implementation “is another step forward by CAT to introduce state-of-the-art transportation technologies, demonstrating a successful model for the public transportation industry."

The RealTime, Rider and Traveler platforms offered are powerful management tools. They give agencies a bird’s eye view of day-to-day operations and vehicle routes, real-time information on rider preferences and routes and streamlined rider communication. The three solutions are designed to make it easy for transit agencies to achieve a high level of service. In the photo to the right, an iPhone 6 displays route information on the TransLoc platform for the Memphis Area Transit Authority.

According to a study by the THINK research firm, four in five Americans currently using public transit could be motivated to use it more through simple improvements. The top three include more reliable service, real-time schedule displays and cleaner equipment and stations. These types of solutions show riders real-time vehicle locations and gives agencies data-driven insights into the issues riders care about so they can better manage resources to optimize service. This built-in feedback loop increases trust with riders without building in extra costs.

“Our company has worked with over 250 public transit agencies for more than a decade to understand what it takes to build a seamless transportation network,” TransLoc CEO Doug Kaufman says. “Our growth reflects providers’ desire to support better service through better data while getting riders where they need to go, reliably and quickly. We’ve connected transit systems throughout entire regions and plan to eventually expand that network to all of North America.”

Go here for more information on TransLoc.


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