Danville, Ill.’s IT department is tasked with keeping the employment records, city finances, business licenses and public utilities information safe and protected. At the same time, the department must allow the city’s endpoint computers to have instant access to information for the benefit of city residents.

“Over the years, we’ve built up an IT infrastructure that relies more and more on the digital file and less on the physical paper file,” says Agnel D’Silva, Danville’s information technology administrator. “With that move to a more digital environment, it allows us to process information quicker, help our residents faster, and streamline paperwork. But it also increases our risk factor of having sensitive data in cyberspace. We need to keep that information protected and contained at all times.”

After evaluating multiple security companies, Danville chose Clifton, N.J.-based Comodo and its endpoint security technology to address the city’s needs to keep their endpoints secure and information protected.

“We selected Comodo and its endpoint security solution because it clearly addresses the problem of malware and cyber-attacks through a unique containment technology,” D’Silva adds. “Comodo endpoint security gives our IT team full control over all of our endpoints. It allows for only approved applications to be run. The system gives us a dashboard and remote desktop management for simplicity and ease of use. It’s all done within our budget.”

Comodo offers a protection landscape for government that uses ultra-secure PKI technology. The system can counter a deteriorating threat landscape efficiently and cost-effectively, according to the company. The firm says it offers a range of centrally managed solutions that can help governments slash licensing fee expenditures, raise overall security and reduce desk-side support visits.

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