When the Denver Public Schools (DPS) decided to look for a new asset tracking system, they wanted an easy-to-use setup based on mobile barcode technology. 

Prior to purchasing CheckMate capital asset tracking software, the asset reconciliation process consisted of multiple, time-consuming steps. 

The process went like this: An inventory specialist would travel to a DPS location and collect asset counts. He/she would return to the DPS office, and a staffer would log the asset count into the financial system. The specialist would then reconcile the entries and determine which items did not reconcile. These items would require confirmation at the remote location. The inventory specialist would again travel to the location and verify the discrepancy and return to the office where another specialist would finalize the reconciliation.

Multiple trips by car were not only very time consuming, but expensive. For the school district, it was important that its new system have the capability to reduce these costs and save time.

“We estimate that the CheckMate system has taken the time to count assets in a large school from one week down to three days,” says Rich Maes, inventory specialist for the district. The system was installed in January 2013.

He adds that the district’s fixed asset inventory records are more accurate than ever, and that the setup saves staff time. “The inventory specialist is doing the whole job, which frees up time for the data entry specialist, and gives us more control of the reconciliation process.” Maes adds that with Dynamic Systems’ prompt technical support over the phone, he can resolve system issues quickly.

District officials determined that CheckMate answered their needs for state-of-the-art mobile data collection and real-time reconciliation. The Denver schools also concluded that both the system software and the equipment met the criteria for long-term growth within the district’s asset management operations.

CheckMate capital asset tracking software can be used as middleware to a financial system, as is the case at the DPS. It also serves as a stand-alone asset management system, and can be used in conjunction with the CheckMate Suite of software products that include Inventory, Tool Tracking, and Document Tracking.

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