The modular design of the Rotary Lift MOD35 inground lift enables it to be customized for any application and location. It is available with two or three multi-stage hydraulic cylinders to provide lifting capacity of 70,000 to 105,000 pounds. A simplified, low-maintenance slip clutch chain drive propels the unit’s moveable cylinder.

“It will retract back to the smallest piece of equipment out to the largest piece of equipment with no problem, you just hold the joystick and away it goes,” says Victor D. Hall, utility specialist for the Greater Dayton Regional Transit Authority, which has two MOD35 lifts installed. “It has no problem lifting the heaviest pieces of equipment we have.”

Madison, Ind.-based Rotary Lift has put the power of the MOD35 directly in the hands of technicians with pendant-only controls, which replace the traditional floor console. The pendant allows technicians to operate the lift from anywhere in the bay, for efficient spotting and lifting.
“Instead of getting under the bus, looking, walking all the way back over to the control panel, I can actually just take it right to the side of the bus, lean down, and control it while I’m looking at it,” says Hall.

To protect both the environment and the lift, the MOD35 is contained in a 6-foot-deep steel enclosure that has been sealed inside and out with Rotary Lift’s EnviroGuard coating. The enclosure is warranted against corrosion for 10 years.  

“We wanted something that would protect the environment. Being self-contained, that gives you the protection you need,” says Tom Hodge, Greater Dayton Regional Transit Authority manager of fleet maintenance. “Everything about that lift is very earth-friendly, worker-friendly, user-friendly, and I would highly recommend it.”

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