Navigating the complexities of running the Indiana state government means constantly pinpointing moving targets. Those targets affect the millions who live in the Hoosier State.

To best serve residents, Indiana officials launched the Management and Performance Hub (MPH) project with the intention of creating citizen-centric IT architecture. The project’s goal was to keep Indiana residents at the core of all interactions. In addition, the project aimed to help the state run more efficiently.

To succeed in this initiative, officials needed to analyze enterprise-wide data in real-time, and track their progress against key performance indicators — all with citizen involvement and high levels of transparency. SAP and KSM Consulting helped implement the project, which was completed last year.

Indiana Governor Mike Pence and his IT and budget teams used data management solutions in the process. The project tools helped state officials analyze massive volumes of information. These officials believed that the answers held within the data could help agencies improve citizens’ lives.

For example, the MPH project analyzed data regarding infant mortality rates. This analysis helped officials identify key segments of at-risk women, and helped pinpoint possible solutions for better prenatal care and education.

As part of the initiative, SAP implemented their HANA, Lumira, Data Services and Predictive Analytics solutions into the MPH. SAP HANA captures and analyzes big data across applications on a single platform with a single data copy. In turn, SAP Lumira provides engaging data visualizations, while SAP Predictive Analytics automates the creation and management of models that deliver predictive insight in real time. The Data Services solution provides functionality for data integration, quality and data cleansing.

“We aren’t going to have to wait for data, we’re not going to have to make decisions based on stale or old information, and we’ve now been able to make decisions in real time,” Chris Atkins, former director of the Indiana Office of Management and Budget, says.

The net result is that the MPH’s site, launched in 2014 and accessible at, contains information about government operations with goals in place on improving those operations.

On the site, individuals can view over 1,000 raw datasets like unemployment rates, general fund surpluses and appropriations for the 2017 fiscal year. The site also includes Indiana Governor Pence’s “roadmap” for the state, which highlights data that is related to each the state’s intended goals.

“The SAP solutions have helped us change the culture of state government,” Atkins says.

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