A golf course in Kentucky needed to clear leaves repeatedly over a 12-week period in autumn. It was taking two workers with backpack blowers 40 hours a week to keep leaves off fairways, tee boxes and greens. When golf course management purchased a Grasshopper Turbine Blower, they found that one worker could keep the same areas clear in 10 hours a week. With the new equipment, golf course management found that labor savings on the leaf cleanup project amounted to $10,500 each fall. Note: results may vary depending on season and climate.

The turbine blower clears leaves, debris and fallen branches from grounds instantly. Operators can move large debris piles quickly with the unit’s nozzle that rotates a full 360 degrees. The assembly attaches in place of the out-front mower deck on the firm’s line of lawn-cutting apparatus to retain zero-turn maneuvering.

With the blower, one operator can clear stretches of curbs and sidewalks, wide-open acreage with loose or packed-down debris or congested and hard-to-reach areas like tee boxes and sand traps. The equipment speeds through grounds-clearing tasks. According to the company, the blower gets the job done in less time and with less labor than teams of backpack, walk-behind or pull-behind blowers.

In a company case study, one maintenance staffer with a Grasshopper and turbine blower finished a 26-mile curb-clearing project in four hours. According to grounds maintenance manager estimates, it used to take four staffers with backpack blowers almost three days (22 hours) to complete the job.

Cole Stephens, parks director in Kaysville City, Utah, says of the blower, “one person can clear all the leaves from the park, even around trees and fences, in half a day. This is a job that used to take two people all day with backpack blowers."

Learn more about Grasshopper here.


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