To help bridge language barriers, a dual-handset telephone provides live, immediate access to more than 175 languages, via certified interpreters. Called Language Line, the phone caters to government or health-care workers who are visited by individuals having dialects other than traditional English. For direct access to a translator, caller just presses an “Interpreter” button on the phone. Within seconds, an interpreter responds, and the caller can give one of the two handsets to the individual who does not speak English. The interpreter then facilitates three-way conversations in a choice of languages. By using the dual handsets, callers receive an unimpeded flow of conversations, without using speakerphones that can broadcast confidential information. Offered by Language Line Services, based in Monterey, CA, the phones are provided free of charge. The only cost is a $3 monthly maintenance fee, per phone, to access the translation services. Language Line Services, Monterey, CA