Severn Trent Services has released a technical brochure detailing its line of chlorination and dechlorination tablet feed systems, which are designed to eliminate the need to mix chemicals on site, prepare chemical solutions, or store and handle toxic gases. The company's erosion tablet feed systems, accommodating treatment capacities up to 50,000 gallons per day, are specifically designed for dispensing the company's SANURIL and AQUAWARD chlorination tablets and D-Chlor dechlorination tablets. SANURIL chlorination tablets provide a calcium hypochlorite and bromine disinfection agent formulated for wastewater treatment applications, while AQUAWARD chlorination tablets provide a disinfection agent for drinking water treatment. D-Chlor dechlorination tablets can be used in applications that do not require a chlorine residual prior to discharge. The tablet feed systems can be used for water and wastewater treatment applications at housing developments, rural drinking water systems and more.

Severn Trent Services, Fort Washington, Pa.
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