Submersible pumps and heavy-duty hydraulic power units handle pumping/cleaning applications, from grit removal to digester cleaning, high-viscosity materials, sumps, bypass pumping, high-volume emergency dewatering, even solids in solutions. Available in 80- to 220-hp. sizes, with head sizes from 3 ins. to 12 ins. and flow capacities from 2,500 to 12,000 g.p.m. Upgraded power units (Model 76-115C, shown) include larger engines, hydraulically driven hose reels, 3,500-lb. crane with cradle, float controls, and more. Power unit trailer carries pump on board. Clustered controls allow operator to run both crane and pump head from 1 position. Large fuel tanks enable 20- to 24-hr. run times. Garner Environmental Services, Inc., Pump and Sewer Equipment Div., Pasadena, TX