Capture Flow 3-stage filtering catch basin helps facilities meet federal, state, and local requirements for filtering storm water and irrigation runoff. Removes more than 80% of solid particles transported by storm water at average flow condition. First-stage stainless steel basket traps floatables, debris, and trash, including gross solids larger than 1/8 in., then second-stage oil-absorbent boom filter reduces hydrocarbons entering drain system. Third-stage cylindrical polypropylene filter removes Total Suspended Solids (TSS) down to 1/16 in., such as coarse, medium, and fine sand. One person can empty basket and replace filters. Available in 18-in. size with 250-cu.-in. sump volume and 24-in. size with sump volume of 1,900 cu. ins. Use to drain and filter excess rain and irrigation water from fairways and keep ponds free from oil and grass clippings.

Carson Industries, L.L.C., Glendora, CA