Trailer-mounted TML-4000N (narrow 55-in.-width) and TML-4000 (70-in.-width) feature fold-down outriggers that stabilize 28-ft. light towers on inclines or uneven surfaces and in operational winds of up to 60 m.p.h. Deutz 3-cylinder, 14.3-hp., water-cooled diesel engine powers 6-kw. generator that fires 4, 1,000-w. metal halide lamps enclosed in parallel (horizontal) mounted, cast-aluminum fixtures. Tilt-actuating system, combined with 360 tower rotation and Quick-Aim feature, allows operator to aim all 4 lamp fixtures both vertically and horizontally from ground level to illuminate work areas evenly. Spring-loaded, shock-absorbing lamp mounting crossbar protects bulbs from damage during towing. Automatic latches lock telescoping mast sections when towers are deployed or in stowed position. Tower assemblies have UHMW plastic slide pads that prevent metal-to-metal contact and subsequent rust and corrosion. TML-4000N runs continuously for 60 hrs. on 30-gals. fuel; TML-4000 offers run time of 100 hrs. between refuelings. Both models have a heavy-gauge-steel trailer chassis with 2-in. ball and combination hitch options, double-wall polyurethane fenders, polyethylene fuel tanks, power receptacles, protected power cable paths, illuminated operator display, and oversized forklift pockets and tie-down points for loading onto delivery trailers.

Genie Industries, Redmond, WA