Used successfully throughout Europe, ReadyMac makes permanent, skid-resistant pothole patches. Consists of a hydraulic mixer that combines recycled-asphalt and aggregate. Dispenses and cures as a cold liquidneeds no material heating, compaction, jack hammers, pavement cutting, rollers, or costly equipment for application. In addition, mixer wont emit noise or hazardous fumes. Comes in 2 formulas: base application and top coating. Made with a polymer binder that ensures durable seal with surrounding road, curb, or manhole. To apply, add bagged aggregate, polymer-asphalt emulsion and water to companion mixer. After dispensing cold-applied mix into pothole, use a squeegee to level patch on pavement. No-waste formula includes 50-lb. bag of asphalt, with 1 gal. of emulsion. Marketing Associates, Inc.,

ReadyMac Div., Mount Airy, NC