Perma-Patch cold-patch material repairs potholes, utility cuts, fiber-optic cable slots, and parking areas. Bonds permanently to asphalt, concrete, steel, wood, and other hard surfaces. Combines pressure-sensitive plastics, chemicals, modified asphalt, and aggregate. Unlike traditional cold patches or hot mix, applied material will not shrink. Forms watertight seal with existing pavement to prevent water from penetrating surface and causing subsequent damage. Requires no mixing, time-consuming preparation, or special tools to apply. Just pour directly from bag, into hole, and rake material to a depth slightly above surrounding pavement. Next, compact the surface by driving over repaired hole with a vehicle, or by using a hand tamper, portable plate compactor, or similar equipment. Can be applied in temperatures ranging from -10 F. to more than 100 F., even in rainy weather. Repaired hole can accept traffic immediately. Comes in 60-lb. bags, as well as pails or bulk quantities.

National Paving and Contracting Co., Baltimore, MD