TopMark detectable warning material alerts and directs visually impaired pedestrians to crosswalks, curb ramps, driveways, train/rail platform edges, rail crossings, loading areas, and more. Installers preheat receiving substrate and apply preformed thermoplastic panels to prepared location, then roll to ensure bonding. Areas are ready for foot traffic in 20 mins. Skid-resistant surface with tactile, truncated domes conforms to irregularities in existing asphalt, cement, or brick. Contains only environmentally friendly organic color pigments, no heavy metals or VOC epoxy cements. Kit includes enough 1-ft.-by-2-ft. preformed thermoplastic material and sealer to complete 4 typical, 4-ft.-by-2-ft. ramps, or 32 sq. ft. of application area. Available in yellow, white, black, blue, and brick red. Complies with ADAAG requirements for wheelchair accessibility.

Flint Trading, Inc., Thomasville, NC