The XL 4300 III excavator handles a variety of tasks, including mass excavation, trenching, spreading rip-rap, and demolition and pavement removal. Stablilized with front axle oscillation locks, the XL 4300 III can lift and move heavy loads off both sides, as well as the front and rear of the chassis, without the use of outriggers. The excavator's counterweight design reduces the tail swing by 12 inches — an advantage on highway jobs where traffic flow must be maintained. The model's Series III cab includes air conditioning, a removable front window, a large adjustable seating module and a switch to select joystick patterns. The maximum digging depth of the XL 4300 III is 21 feet 3 inches while the boom reach at groundline is 30 feet 4 inches. The four-wheel-drive undercarriage has rubber tires designed for mobility on rough terrain as well as on highways where they will not damage the paved surface.

Gradall Industries, New Philadelphia, Ohio
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