The Model 240B “combo” drill system is a versatile, compact machine designed for straight-line drilling on a level sub-grade. Similar to the Model 210B, but with the added capability of converting to a core drill, the Model 240B caters to both rock drilling and core drilling applications. Featuring pneumatic operation, the core drill uses a three-speed motor (400, 900 and 1,600 rpm) and requires a minimum of 77 CFM for operation; the standard rock drill configuration requires 100 CFM. The unit can core and drill holes from ⅝-inch diameter up to 2½ inches, and drill up to 18 inches deep. It has a quick-release bit guide for simple bit replacement and vertical height adjustment for drilling on center with slabs between 6 inches and 24 inches thick.

E-Z Drill, Stillwater, Okla.
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