Line of hydraulic demolition multi-grapple attachments is designed to sort and load rubble as well as to demolish masonry and wooden structures. Multi-grapple attachments feature large hydraulic cylinders to provide powerful closing forces and short cycle times. Line includes MG 2700, MG 1800 and MG 1500. At a service weight of 5,975 lbs., MG 2700 boasts a maximum closing force of 9.2 tons and is suitable for carriers in the 28- to 50-ton weight class. MG 1800 and MG 1500 each provide a closing force of 6.9 tons. MG 1800 fits carriers between 20 and 28 tons, while MG 1500 can be used on carriers between 17 and 28 tons. Atlas Copco Construction Tools LLC, Westfield, Mass.