VeriSight combines self-leveling camera with SONDE transmitter; digital controller with text writer and storage for 45 hours of MPEG4 video; and welded stainless steel reel with Kevlar-reinforced push rod. Measuring just 1.8 ins. in diameter, the camera captures color footage of challenging pipelines, including those with “S” or “P” traps. Onboard controller displays video on an 8-in. TFT LCD, while recording 45 hours of MPEG inspection video to a 60-GB internal hard drive. Contains USB port for uploading video footage to any desktop or laptop PC, where images can be e-mailed, archived or transferred to a DVD. System’s text writer features sealed QWERTY keyboard and 16-page memory to display inspection notes onscreen, as well as camera distance in selectable feet/meters. Push rod measures 12 mm in diameter and 100 or 200 ft. long. Transmitter operates at selectable frequencies at distances up to 12 ft. Envirosight LLC, Randolph, N.J.