The Model 2000 hydraulic truck conveyor is designed for widening roads, installing pipe bedding, filling trenches and shouldering, among other jobs. The unit mounts quickly and easily to road graders, loaders and tractors for efficient delivery of both free-flowing and large chunky materials. With the versatile hitch design, the conveyor can be used with a variety of push vehicles, or can be connected to the truck and pulled, eliminating the need for a push vehicle. The conveyor features an 18-inch-wide hot-asphalt belt; an opening gate that offers right- or left-side discharge and removable end plates for delivery of larger materials; four dual-wheel casters; and two high-torque, low-speed hydraulic motors, which deliver material to the right or left without adjustment or motor repositioning. Options include a manual or hydraulic strike-off wing, a custom-made valve manifold, a 4-foot extension, a drag box and an operator's platform.

H.T.C., Milford, Iowa