Tiny CarChip Fleet data logger plugs into a vehicle’s onboard diagnostic port (OBDII) to immediately record trip time and date, speed, distance, accelerations, and decelerations. Stores up to 300 hrs. of driving data, depending on logging interval, at which time new data overwrites the oldest data. Accident log records the last 20 secs. of speed before a complete stop. Also monitors any 4 of 23 selectable engine parameters, including r.p.m., at intervals of 5 to 60 secs. Logs diagnostic trouble codes and freeze-frame readings that show the status of various engine parameters. Downloads to Fleet Management Software (sold separately) for sorting and analyzing data. Chip can be switched between vehicles or drivers as needed. Also available with audible alarm that warns drivers whenever they exceed speed or acceleration limits. Encourages fleet drivers to focus on safe operations and enables fleet managers to assess and reward their efforts. Davis Instruments, Hayward, CA