Revolution electric car, Model REV-AC60-EV2D, features front-wheel drive, manual five-speed transmission and power-assisted steering. Reaches top speed of 60 mph (although car comes programmed not to exceed state’s maximum allowable speed limit for neighborhood electric vehicles). Onboard system automatically recharges 72-volt lead-acid battery array (six 12-volt batteries) in 3 to 5 hours from 110-volt AC input. Traveling range is about 60 miles (depending on load, speed and angle) before battery needs recharging. Vehicle measures about 10 ft. long, 5.5 ft. wide and 5.5 ft. high. Boasts all-steel welded body and 360° fresh-air vent. Driver’s seat adjusts in six ways. Safety features include two-point seat belts, high-mounted brake lights and fog lights in front and rear. Also equipped with power windows, door locks and outside mirror. Options include four-wheel disc brakes, DVD and MP4 player, air conditioning and a sun roof. Revolution Electric Cars, San Luis Obispo, Calif.