Periscope Holdings is expanding its partnership with the NIGP: The Institute for Public Procurement trade group. Austin, Texas-based Periscope will provide managed services that will support the growth of the NIGP Consulting program.

The NIGP Consulting program has been a successful venture for NIGP since it was formed in 1995. NIGP recently elected to outsource the marketing and management of its NIGP Consulting program and executed an agreement with Periscope to assume those new responsibilities.

NIGP Consulting services provide procurement management support in a number of areas. Some of the areas include: strategic procurement planning, procurement process and organizational reviews, contract management and administration, technology reviews, eProcurement readiness assessments, energy market evaluations, and policy reviews and development.

Periscope will extend NIGP Consulting capacities through its project management expertise, report and deliverable production, benchmarking, best practices identification, and analysis. The company plans to launch changes that will be essential forces toward a positive evolution of the program. Highlighted primary changes include consulting methodology and additional resources to assist the NIGP consultants, development of an effective sales and marketing approach, in-depth consulting training for the program's procurement subject matter experts, and partnerships with other consulting organizations that can provide supplemental expertise as needed.

"Periscope has achieved a considerable amount of success in maintaining the NIGP Code over the years, and we believe that this new concentration on the NIGP Consulting program will integrate well with our existing coding services, training programs, and inventory analysis and rationalization capabilities," said Matt Walker, Periscope's President of NIGP Code Services.

Rick Grimm, CEO of NIGP, is also looking forward to the transition of the consulting program to Periscope. "Periscope's focus on the government sector, commitment to the success of public agencies and close alignment with NIGP's core values makes them a unique and ideal partner for NIGP. Through their expertise, we believe we can broaden the reach of NIGP Consulting to more effectively meet the needs of procurement agencies at all levels of government and educational institutions."

Periscope works with public entities to achieve best practices in procurement through its BuySpeed software solution and consulting services. The company's products aim to streamline procurement and eliminate waste. More than 100,000 users rely on Periscope products in the U.S. and Canada.

NIGP: The Institute for Public Procurement trade group develops, supports and promotes the public procurement profession through educational and research programs, professional support, technical services and advocacy initiatives that benefit its members and constituents. The Herndon, Va.-based NIGP has more than 2,600 member agencies representing 16,000 professionals across the U.S., Canada and countries outside of North America.