Public pensions: which options might best bring balance without breaking spirits or the bank?

Illinois is making headlines for its struggles with public pensions, but municipal governments nationwide are feeling similar pains. When it comes to balancing employee needs vs. public budgets, which of the following options would best describe your community's approach? (Choose three).

Working to close loopholes like "double dipping"
44% (48 votes)
Requiring that elected officials and appointees receive the same pension plan as pubic employees
35% (38 votes)
Providing pension portability for public employees
28% (31 votes)
Requiring that public pension plans be professionally managed by an outside source
28% (30 votes)
Securing public pensions as "untouchable" even in extreme circumstances including bankruptcy proceedings
27% (29 votes)
Removing the Windfall Elimination Provision so public employees can earn their Social Security benefit without penalty
26% (28 votes)
Limiting pension payouts to not exceed a certain dollar amount, no matter what position was/is held
24% (26 votes)
Relying less heavily on arbitors/unions for devising policy on public pensions
18% (20 votes)
Devising plans to shield employee accounts from losses
17% (18 votes)
Relying more heavily on arbiters/unions for devising policy on public pensions
6% (7 votes)
Total voters: 109

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on Dec 13, 2013

What ultimately happens to Detroit (potential for its pension decision be battled out at the SCOTUS) will create signals communities will abide by in the future.

on Dec 9, 2013

A couple more options:
1. extending retirement age like Social Security has done because people are living longer.
2. Federal mandate to have local and state governments to fully fund the retirement programs they created.
3. Federal action to have pensions held harmless in federal bankruptcy
4. Determine what the driving factors are for unbalanced pensions; what is the causal factors and fix those. Do just have a random list of things without showing how much of a factor those things contribute to the problem

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