In the wake of the shutdown of the Federal Government, what effects are you witnessing in your community? Check all that apply.

My community includes residents who are federal workers. Those workers are no longer working/being paid.
58% (38 votes)
My community includes veterans whose benefits may not be funded during the shutdown.
51% (33 votes)
My community has a National Park. That park has been closed.
42% (27 votes)
My community benefits from a federal program that is not operational during the shutdown. My community is therefore hurting for funding/services.
42% (27 votes)
Residents in my community will be negatively affected because they cannot apply for/receive federal loans during the shutdown.
37% (24 votes)
My community, by and large, will not be affected by the shutdown.
29% (19 votes)
My community is seeing positive effects from the shutdown (please explain).
11% (7 votes)
Total voters: 65

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on Oct 2, 2013

Personally, probably no direct impact. However, about 5,000 of my City's residents are government workers at the adjacent Wright-Patterson AFB. This directly impacts these residents, indirectly impacting the rest of us. If this lasts for a while, we'll see it in lower spending locally, impacting businesses; and as a result lower tax receipts -- impacting delivery of local public services.

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