Of these options, which do you feel are most indicative of a true Crown Community? (Choose up to three)

It's that time of year again! American City & County is now accepting nominations for its annual Crown Communities Awards. While there is no guaranteed "magic formula" for determining winners, projects in communities displaying fiscal responsibility, technical innovation, outside-the-box thinking, multi-jurisdictional cooperation, community enagement, economic initiatives and a demonstrated positive impact tend to catch our eye. Of these options, which do you feel are most indicative of a true Crown Community? (Choose up to three)

Community engagement (involving the community in a meaningful way)
58% (18 votes)
Clear display of fiscal responsibilty (either over time - ie. a longstanding balanced budget - or for financing of substantial projects)
45% (14 votes)
Economic initiatives (fostering projects or practices that bring or foster economic growth for the community)
35% (11 votes)
Demonstrated positive impact (proof in the form of data that a project or program is working)
32% (10 votes)
Outside-the-box thinking (coming up with unique ways to tackle challenges)
32% (10 votes)
Multi-jurisdictional cooperation (bringing several entities or departments together to complete a project)
32% (10 votes)
Technical innovation (employing new technologies to solve problems or pioneer techniques for projects)
19% (6 votes)
Total voters: 31

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on Nov 6, 2014

A project should not only show that there is a Community engagement by the postive display of the fiscal responsibility along with the postive impact that it will bring to the rest of the community.

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