Do red light cameras or speed cameras do any of the following—check up to 4:

On June 5, the California Supreme Court upheld the admissibility of images taken from red light cameras as evidence of traffic violations in the Golden State. Some 26 states have already banned the cameras outright or do not have them at all.

In your opinion, do red light cameras or speed cameras do any of the following—check up to 4:

Bring revenue to governments
63% (135 votes)
Promote distrust of government/allow for government abuses
48% (102 votes)
Improve driver behavior
45% (95 votes)
Reduce accidents
36% (76 votes)
Increase accuracy in incident reporting
26% (56 votes)
Cause accidents
25% (53 votes)
Impede traffic flow/cause jams
23% (50 votes)
Improve traffic flow
15% (31 votes)
Cameras definitely generate revenue. (write-in)
0% (1 vote)
Total voters: 213

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on Nov 13, 2014

As I told the Willowbrook police officer is from now on I will wait before the line while it is green till I can pass through the intersection. Which means that one -two vehicles can make the turn or the gov bodies can just have signage saying "right turn on green only". That would help save lives and money for the drivers, but of course the gov. bodies would loose their extra cash.

on Jul 24, 2014

I have lived in multiple states across USA.
Last number of years, MD ( unlike neighboring VA, DE, WV) is embracing both red light and speed cameras. [From 2008-2011, MD drivers were annually and consistently rated among nation's worst by GMAC Insurance's "Driver Test " Poll Survey, for poorest knowledge of traffic laws]. From what I've seen since 2008, when cameras were widely activated, revenues have increased, but they certainly have not improved driver behaviors nor traffic flows. Some of the counties, particularly Montgomery, were accused by some Annapolis statehouse Assembly members, of mishandling camera funds collected, then sent to a faraway, out of state vendor, while not timely acknowledging fine payments in the accounting system. This scam inappropriately interfeared with honest, complying motorists who suffered voided car registrations or license plate suspensions as a result.

on Jul 16, 2014

Of course the cameras reduce crashes, especially at signals. As for speedg cameras, whats the diff btwn MC cop and a camera giving a ticket? Only objections from tea party, anti-gov types.

on Jul 16, 2014

This will not let me give more than one answer.

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