The American Medical Association now recognizes obesity as a disease. How might this affect your government/community?

More people will be filing medical claims, potentially raising insurance rates.
41% (18 votes)
We may consider instituting health and wellness programs to combat obesity.
20% (9 votes)
No effect because the A.M.A has no legal authority.
18% (8 votes)
Our health departments will have to begin treating obesity differently.
14% (6 votes)
7% (3 votes)
Total voters: 44

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on Jul 15, 2013

According to recent research obesity may have underlying causes that we have never considered before. As American medical practices rely on more Rx treatments for chronic illness that have weight gain side effects and Americans consume an increasing number of foods that are genetically modified and/or coupled with sugars to entice consumption, we need to consider that the current endemic levels of obesity may not be about the victimology of over consumption and low activity. Obesity may be attributed to the profit motives of corporations that are poorly regulated and ethically bankrupt.

on Aug 13, 2013

Thank You! As someone whose job requires me to sit all day long and has a high pressure stress index due to being overloaded with the duties of 5 people, I struggle to keep weight off. I have lost 70 pounds twice in my life but the first time was in my 20s before I developed asthma and the second time was due to stomach cancer and surgery to remove it, I don't have time to exercise the 4 hours a day it takes for me to lose weight as I am wokring 2 jobs.

on Jul 11, 2013

Take a rope and tie their hand to their belt, that way they can't reach their mouth. No one force feeds anyone. I'm over weight and I am the only one who puts food in my mouth, When I ran 4 miles a day I was 50 lbs lighter and I ate everything I wanted. Bad knee and much less excersize and not much will power = pounds on the body. I'm not sick, just lazy. I believe they made a mistake in the determination. We,at the municipality encourage good health by rebating part of the insurance premium ,we pay, back to the employees when we have few claims. Monetary enticement seems to work toward good health practices.

on Jul 10, 2013

Wellnes programs also have a positive benefit on rising insurance rates.

on Jul 10, 2013

Whatever the AMA can get onto the medical insurance list of covered "ailment" is good for the medical business. With lower allowable rates for services provided, they will have to increase the types of services that can be billed against. This is first step for the governemnt to add this to the required coverage list.

on Jul 10, 2013

Our health department hired a wellness coordinator, installed mini-gyms - one in the courthouse and one at Public Health - started annual health monitoring with blood tests, results and recommendations and sponsors monthly wellness seminars and other activties.

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