What is your community doing to help "get out the vote"?

As the numerous campaign ads and yard signs show, the primaries are either in full swing or gearing up, depending on state. This election year, what is your community doing to "get out the vote"? (Choose up to 4).

Posting voting information on local government websites
85% (11 votes)
Promoting the primaries through social media
69% (9 votes)
Issuing registration reminders via the postal service/email
38% (5 votes)
Promoting the primaries through local social, faith-based and/or community action groups
15% (2 votes)
Hosting community forums
15% (2 votes)
Hosting registration drives
0% (0 votes)
Total voters: 13

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on Jun 3, 2014

Other than posting/providing good factual information about voting (when/what/how/where to vote), I don't think it's government's job to "get out the vote" for elections. That's the job of the candidates and the parties. N.B. When you're the umpire of the game you shouldn't also be a cheerleader and helping out the booster club.

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