As part of the Miracle’s Grants for America’s Schools Program, the Monett, Mo.-based company said that it will help fund the construction of more than 1,200 playgrounds throughout the United States, benefiting more than 60,000 children.

“Children develop cognitive reasoning skills as they use the playground climbing, balancing and sliding activities. Children also develop social skills and learn to resolve conflicts through interaction with other children,” said Mike Sutton, director of Miracle sales. “While they think they’re playing, we also know they’re becoming more physically active. And more physical activity means healthier children and healthier habits.”

Miracle Recreation Equipment Co. is one of the largest manufacturers of commercial outdoor playgrounds and recreational equipment in the United States. According to the company, Miracle playground equipment helps kids boost their confidence, self-esteem and motor skills, among other benefits.

“In today’s economic conditions, we understand the need to help America’s schools financially and are supporting them with $5 million from Miracle’s Grants for America’s Schools Program,” said Don Hemingway, vice president of business development. “And Miracle’s grants will help more children have the opportunity to engage in more active play. It encourages imaginative, enthusiastic play, which is essential in the cognitive and physical development of children.”