Endless Cascades can change a run-of-the-mill pond into a waterfall to remember. System creates simultaneous multiple streams in varying directions from a single waterfall vault. Unlimited number of vaults can connect to create any size and shape of waterfall, including tiered step, plunge, and cascade. Two sizes of vaults provide single fall or stream widths up to either 70 or 130 ins., or upper vault wall can be cut with hacksaw to create different flows. Both vault sizes are the same height for connecting on any side to form designs from straight line to sawtooth pattern to serpentine curves to complete circles. Finish water garden with natural rocks and plants. Vaults also can be used as recirculating basins or for sump pump. Each vault comes with a filtration mat and media bag for biofiltration. Optional PondSweep Skimmers can be used to prefilter water for minimal maintenance. Pump requirements depend upon number, width, and intensity of water flows. Free waterfall and stream planner and technical assistance are available.

PondSweep Mfg. Co., Yorkville, IL