Whether for a new water-play zone, additions to existing pools or replacing an old pool, water systems add fun and value to parks, campgrounds and other municipal facilities. Two types of water features are available: Water Playgrounds put play features in standing water; SprayGrounds place play stations on a concrete pad with no standing water. Omnipod interface system connects below- and above-ground features to filtered water supply. Unused Omnipods are sealed flush with decking to eliminate tripping hazards. Water is super-sanitized and recirculated, using only 2,000 to 4,000 gals. per season. Hydraulic control adjusts flow rates and volumes, enabling use of larger nozzles that resist clogging. FunFlo valves allow children to turn water flow on and off. Lightweight fiberglass water stations won’t rust or corrode and can be easily restored if damaged. Choose from above-ground units such as towers, tumble buckets, domes and tunnels; and hidden, below-ground features, including geysers, sprays and jets. Company works with architects and park/recreation personnel to develop facilities that meet current needs while providing for future expansion. Rain-Drop Products LLC, Ashland, Ohio