Self-propelled Line Pro 1200 adds efficiency to entire line-painting process. Boasts ergonomic handle and easy-to-read controls. Three-speed transmission offers first and second gears for distributing paint at specific speed and flow rate. Third gear caters to transport mode. To ease filling of paint, tank has 12-in.-wide opening and built-in strainer. In-tank agitator keeps paint in suspension to enhance consistency. Ground-following spray arm adjusts to apply lines ranging from 2 to 6 ins. wide. Select from 4 attachment points for spray arm. Rear placement of spray arm, with pointer in out-front position, ensures straight lines. Floating spray head and locking wheel also assure consistent, straight lines. For painting arcs and circles, caster wheel unlocks to rotate freely. When finished applying lines, just empty remaining paint into 5-gal. pail (via built-in drain valve), then rinse tank and run fresh water through interior lines. Accessories include a hand wand for painting stencils, sidelines, or team logos, as well as various sizes of nozzles.

Toro Co., Commercial Equipment Div., Bloomington, MN