Pooltest 3 pool water tester measures chlorine, pH, and cyanuric acid. The 3-parameter photometer bridges gap between visual comparator water testers and multi-parameter electronic photometers. Features tablet reagent test system. To test a sample, select a parameter using the menu button, insert sample tube, and press the on button. The 10-mm. LCD screen displays reading instantly. Measures chlorine in 0- to 5-p.p.m. range, cyanuric acid in 0- to 100- p.p.m. range and pH between 6.80 and 8.40. Provides approximately 20,000 readings from 1 set of 1.5-v. batteries. Automatically powers off after use. Instrument measures 173 by 75 by 41 mm.

Palintest USA, Erlanger, KY