Children and adults can enjoy Whiz Bang carnival games. All games feature interchangeable bases, which allow for multiple game options, endless combinations and compact transport. New additions include: Splash Mouth Insert (No. 7811), by which players throw three water-soaked sponge balls through a monster’s mouth; Touch Down Toss (No. 7813) with a football theme; Land on the Pad Insert (No. 7814), which involves tossing ping-pong balls into three stationary lily pads; Jolt Insert (No. 7816), an electronic game in which steady hand skill is needed to thread a wand over a wire; and Turn-ament Fishing Insert (No. 7817), a motorized game for hooking up with six fish. In addition, Toss the Hoop/Stand the Bottle Insert (No. 7818) offers two games in one: Toss a wooden hoop over a cone or use a pole with rope lasso to maneuver bottles into upright positions. All games are made by a rotational molding process, which ensures durable construction to withstand heavy use and abuse. Product line also includes popcorn makers and cotton-candy machines. Gold Medal Products Co., Cincinnati, Ohio