Zero Bug Zone works without sprays, odors, pesticide residue or external power source. Simply hang unit freely suspended no more than 15 ft. in the air. Light activates the liquid’s static charge (full activation takes 3 to 5 days) and causes the liquid to emit and broadcast a frequency throughout a radius of 35 ft., even through solid walls. The static frequency is said to disrupt insects’ central nervous systems, disorient them and drive them away from the protected zone. Natural and nontoxic repellent does not attract bugs like baits, zappers or strips and can reduce use of foggers and sprays. Safe for food storage areas, classrooms, hospitals, restaurants and other sensitive areas. Effective for winged insects including flies, mosquitoes, wasps and hornets, and on most crawling insects such as ants, ticks and fleas. Does not affect larger animals or people. Zero Bug Zone, div. of Air Glacier Systems Inc., Troup, Texas